Chapters in The Leavenworth Case: A Lawyer's Story

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Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)
Common Title : The Leavenworth Case: A Lawyer's Story
Trove Title : The Leavenworth Case
Common Name : Green, Anna Katharine
Trove Name : Unattributed

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1I. IXA DISCOVERY. A DISCOVERY.Saturday71118851132344670
2ICIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.Tuesday271018854132345592
3ICIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.Saturday311018851132344326
4IMR. GRYCE RECEIVES NEW IMPETUS. There's nothing ill Can dwell in such a temple. TEMPEST.Tuesday101118854132344352
5IVA FULL CONFESSION.Thursday8418864132342175
6IVA FULL CONFESSION.Tuesday6418864132344311
7VIIICIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. O dark, dark, dark !Thursday291018854132343164
8IXA DISCOVERYTuesday31118854132344859
9XXXVIII FULL CONFESSION.Thursday1418864132343687