Chapters in Beneath the Wave

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South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881)
Common Title : Beneath the Wave
Trove Title : Beneath the Wave
Common Name : Russell, Dora
Trove Name : Russell, Dora

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1I -IITHE SEA SHALL GIVE UP HER DEAD/The StormSaturday121018781992264778
2III - IVSIR GEORGE HAMILTON/Sir George's OfferSaturday191018781992265709
3V - VIAT SANDA HALL/A Farewell WordSaturday261018781992265017
4VII - VIIISIR GEORGE AT HOME/The tutorSaturday21118781992262684
5IX - XAt MARRAM PARK/A First ProposalSaturday91118781992263500
6XI - XIITHE FEATHERSTONES/Hugh WarringtonSaturday161118781992264020
7XIII - XIVFALSE!/Reaping the WhirlwindSaturday231118781992264410
8XV - XVIIDESPAIR/ Delilah/Hayward's MotherSaturday301118781992262941
9XVIII - XIXHAYWARD'S RELATIONS/Florentia VillaSaturday71218781892263279
10XX - XXIAMONG TYPE/A ChangeSaturday141218781992264355
11XXII - XXIIIWEDDING GUESTSA Good MarriageSaturday211218781992265839
12XXIV - XXVHILDA'S PUPILS/How Wonderful Is DeathSaturday281218781892265155
13XXVI - XXVIIBRIDE AND BRIDE GROOM/Isabel's FriendSaturday40118791993844104
14XXVIII - XXIXRANK AND FILE/An Unexpected BlowSaturday110118791993846771
15XXX - XXXIA HESITATING ANSWER/Close on Life's Tread Steals DeathSaturday180118791993844761
16XXXII - XXXIIIHUSBAND AND WIFE/Old LoversSaturday250118791993846874
17XXXIV - XXXVA GREAT SURPRISE/The Old Love and the NewSaturday10218791993845803
18XXXVI - XXXVIIA SON and Heir/Fixing the DaySaturday80218791993844850
19XXXVIII - XXXIXTHE WEDDING DAY/After the WeddingSaturday150218791893846179
20XL - XLITHE DEAD WOMAN'S RING/NemesisSaturday220218791993846584