Chapters in Miss Jacobsen's Chance

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Leader (Melbourne, Vic. : 1862 - 1918)
Common Title : Miss Jacobsen's Chance
Trove Title : Miss Jacobsen's Chance
Common Name : Praed, Mrs Campbell
Trove Name : Campbell-Praed, Mrs

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12. XIIILATING THE TABLE.Saturday2711188633198032834
22. XVIA SPECIAL ENVOY.Saturday1812188633198034270
32. XIVTHE HERO OF THE PLANK.Saturday412188633198034458
42. XVTHE DUCHESS'S COW.Saturday1112188633198037001
52. XIHONOR BRIGHT.Saturday2011188633198039293
62. VSIR EDNEY'S DEN.Saturday301018862198351562
72. III ANOTHER YOUNG LADY!Saturday2310188633198352337
82. IX I Find You Vert Interesting.Saturday1311188634198356059
92. VIIGONE UP IN THE MARKET.Saturday611188633198356552
10ITHE SITUATION.Saturday78188633198352783
11IIIGOVERNMENT HOOSE.Saturday148188633198354802
12IVDR. LIONEL FRAILL.Saturday218188633198353018
13VIIALL RIGHT.Saturday49188633198357746
15XTHE PICNIC.Saturday189188634198354001
16XIIITHE DAY'S PAGEANT.Saturday210188633198356803
17XVSARA'S FIRST EPISODE.Saturday910188634198356356