Chapters in The Yo-Yo. A Legend of the Lachlan District

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904)
Common Title : The Yo-Yo. A Legend of the Lachlan District
Trove Title : The Yo-Yo: Legend of the Lachlan District
Common Name : De Boos, Charles
Trove Name : Unattributed

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1IAUTHOR'S PREFACE / THE OLD BLACKThursday6111890465350583
22DICK WILLIAMS.Friday7111890465344084
33THE SAWYER'S HOME.Saturday8111890465354580
44.1THE MEN'S HUT.Monday10111890465344265
54.2THE MEN'S HUT. Continued.Tuesday11111890465348636
65THE BUSH FIEND.Wednesday12111890465353838
76A DOUBTFUL REPAST.Thursday13111890465348880
87THE BLACK WATER HOLEFriday14111890465349833
98THE COMPACT.Saturday15111890465354646
109.1THE FORFEIT.Monday17111890465345875
119.2THE FORFEIT Continued.Tuesday18111890465344584