Chapters in Maud's Troubles, A Love Story

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National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW : 1889 - 1954)
Common Title : Maud's Troubles, A Love Story
Trove Title : Maud's Troubles, A Love Story
Common Name : Whitelocke, Nelson P.
Trove Name : Whitelocke, Nelson P.

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1I A PRETTY PAIR OF SCOUNDRELS.Saturday16418924156655538
2I NoneThursday14418924156664384
4III NoneFriday22418924156658532
5III NoneWednesday20418924156660038
6III NoneThursday21418924156655244
7IVA. SHARP, PRIVATE DETECTIVE.Saturday23418924156658806
8VRUN TO EARTHMonday25418924156659334
9VRUN TO EARTH.Wednesday27418924156652323
10VRUN TO EARTH.Saturday23418924156658808
11VRUN TO EARTH.Tuesday26418924156660425