Chapters in A Sea Queen

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National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW : 1889 - 1954)
Common Title : A Sea Queen
Trove Title : Storm-Tossed
Common Name : Russell, W. Clark
Trove Name : Unattributed

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1II AM BORN AT NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE.Saturday11318994156796010
2II AM BORN AT NEWCASTLE-ON-TYRE.Monday13318994156809760
5IIITHE MOUTH OF THE TYNE IN A GALE.Friday17318994156802182
6IIITHE MOUTH OF THE TYNE IN A GALE.Monday20318994156804134
7IIITHE MOUTH OF THE TYNE IN A GALE.Saturday18318994156808851
9IVMY FATHER GIVES UP THE SEA.Wednesday22318994156797264
10IVMY FATHER GIVES UP THE SEA.Tuesday21318994156799016
11VIMR. FOWLER'S SECOND VISIT.Friday24318994156796183
12VIMR. FOWLER'S SECOND VISIT.Saturday25318994156798510
13VIMR. FOWLER'S VISIT.Monday27318994156803553
14VIII AM MARRIED.Friday7418994156808022
15VIII AM MARRIED.Saturday8418994156812259
16VIII AM MARRIED.Thursday6418994156815148
17VIIRICHARD FOWLER PROPOSES TO Thursday30318994156796700
18VIIRICHARD FOWLER PROPOSES TO ME.Tuesday28318994156806832
19VIIRICHARD FOWLER PROPOSES TO ME.Wednesday29318994156815265
20VIIIMY MARRIAGE IS ARRANGED.Thursday30318994156796702