Chapters in The Mine Master's Daughter; or, The Miser's Atonement

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : The Mine Master's Daughter; or, The Miser's Atonement
Trove Title : The Mine Master's Daughter; or, The Miser's Atonement
Common Name : Foster, J. Monk
Trove Name : Foster, J. Monk

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1ITHE MINER AND THE MAIDEN.Saturday21189742162367807
2IITHE MASTER AND THE MAN.Saturday21189743162367809
3IIIAN OLD FRIEND AND A NEW FOESaturday91189738162368226
4IVALL IN A GARDEN FAIR.Saturday161189737162368541
5VBEARDING THE LION IN HIS DEN.Saturday161189738162368543
6VIA CHRONICLE OF SMALL SUCCESSES.Saturday231189738162368972
7VIIBETWEEN TWO CHEAT DESIRES.Saturday301189738162369223
8VIIITHE BIRTH OF A GRAND PASSION,Saturday301189738162369302
9IXTHE PLAYTHING OF PASSION.Saturday62189738162369673
10XTHE HARVEST OF DESPAIR.Saturday62189738162369667
11XILEADING A FORLORN HOPE.Saturday132189737162370127
12XIIA PLATONIC MESSAGE.Saturday132189737162370125
13XIIIBETWEEN GLOAMING AND DARK.Saturday202189737162370587
14XIVSITTING IN THE SUNSHINE.Saturday202189737162370588
15XVONE OF LIFE'S LITTLE IRONIES.Saturday202189738162370591
16XVIJACK MAKES A BID FOR FORTUNE.Saturday272189738162370937
17XVIION THE EDGE OF THE FIT.Saturday272189738162370659
18XVIIIFOR SOMEBODY'S SWEET SAKE.Saturday63189738162371129
19XIXTHE DAY OF RECKONING.Saturday63189739162371127
20XXTHE QUEEN'S HIGHWAY.Saturday133189738162371362