Chapters in Double Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent Mystery

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : Double Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent Mystery
Trove Title : Double Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent Mystery
Common Name : Fenn, George Manville
Trove Name : Fenn, Geo. Manville

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1IA SCENE IN ASIA.Saturday143188545160736051
2IFIRST TRIAL THREADS.Saturday213188544160736504
3IIA SCENE IN AFRICA.Saturday143188545160736050
4IIHANGING IN THE NET.Saturday213188544160736507
5IIIA SCENE IN AMERICA.Saturday143188546160736049
6IIINOT WHAT HE EXPECTED. Saturday213188544160736508
7IVA MISUNDERSTANDING.Saturday213188545160736266
8IVA SCENE IN EUROPE.Saturday143188546160736087
10VIFRIENDS AND FOES.Saturday213188545160736244
11VIIBREAD CAST UPON THE WATERS.Saturday283188544160736723
12VIIISAM BURTON IS INTERRUPTED.Saturday283188545160736710
13IXABEL POLLOCK LURKS IN THE GLEN,Saturday283188545160736708
14XDRAWING TOGETHER.Saturday283188546160736714
15XIABEL POLLOCK IS BUSY.Saturday283188546160736712
16XIIFISHING FOE TRCUT AND.Saturday44188544160736986
17XIIIRANGE WON'T FIGHT.Saturday44188545160736985
18XIVRANGE IS SNUBBED.Saturday44188545160736988
19XVTHE LAST TIME OF ASKING.Saturday44188546160736987
20XVIA CONFESSION OF SOUL.Saturday114188545160737208