Chapters in By a Northern Beach

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The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912)
Common Title : By a Northern Beach
Trove Title : By a Northern Beach
Common Name : Ewing, Thomas, M.L.A.
Trove Name : Ewing, Thos.

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1ITHE CASTAWAY.Saturday2981896452163787919
2IIIGILBERT IN HIS TRUE COLOURS.Saturday591896504163783808
3VTHE CEDAR-GETTER'S DEATH.Saturday1291896555163782550
4VIITHE QUARREL.Saturday1991896609163787171
5VIIIDAN TO THE RESCUE.Saturday2691896660163785351
6IXDEATH OF SUTHERLAND.Saturday3101896712163786428
7XTHE WRECK.Saturday10101896763163787530
8XITHE RETURN.Saturday17101896816163784684