Chapters in Chan Ok; A Romance of the Eastern Seas

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : Chan Ok; A Romance of the Eastern Seas
Trove Title : Chan Ok; A Romance of the Eastern Seas
Common Name : Davidson, J. O.
Trove Name : Davison, J. O.

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1ITHE CHEW DESERT.Saturday269189144160185557
2IIFRANK'S NEW CREW.Saturday310189143160185836
3IIITHE NIGHT ATTACK.Saturday1010189144160186253
4IVTHE PRISONERS.Saturday1710189143160186542
5VTHE BATTLE OF THE JUNKS.Saturday1710189143160186532
6VIA HORNET'S NEST.Saturday2410189143160186849
7VIIHELD THE RANSOM.Saturday3110189143160187419
8VIIION THE PIRATE JUNK.Saturday711189143160187473
9IXTHE ESCAPE.Saturday1411189143160188061
10XON THE SAMPAN.Saturday2111189143160188169
11XIIN DEADLE PERIL.Saturday2811189143160188569
12XIION BOARD THE DICTATOR.Saturday512189143160188951
13XIIITHE CRUISE OF THE DICTATOR.Saturday1212189143160189293
14XIVTHE END OF THE JUNK.Saturday1912189135160189638