Chapters in The Hidden Gem

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Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Qld. : 1860 - 1947)
Common Title : The Hidden Gem
Trove Title : The Hidden Gem
Common Name : Cleveland, Estella
Trove Name : Cleveland, Estella

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1I A CREATURE OF ICE.Saturday28518811148664762
2IISYDNEY'S BETROTHED.Saturday4618811148663051
3III CORA KEEPS HER WORD.Saturday11618811148665437
4IVMYSIE'S DISCONTENT.Saturday18618811148661222
5VWINNING THE GAME.Saturday25618811148665223
6VIHE HAS DONE IT TO SPITE YOU.Saturday2718811148665991
7VIIOPEN TREASON.Saturday9718811148666497
8VIII MYSIE IS RENOUNCED.Saturday16718811148664324
9IXTHE PROGRESS OF EVENTS.Saturday23718811148662817
10XLADY JOAN ASKS A FAVOR.Saturday30718811148662447
11XIA BROKEN HEART.Saturday6818811148660998
12XIISYDNEY'S CONDUCT EXPLAINED.Saturday13818811148666425
13XIIIUNITED AT LAST.Saturday20818811148661836
14XIVA. HAPPY ENDING TO CORA'S SORROW.Saturday27818811148661309