Chapters in A Knight of the Pavement

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : A Knight of the Pavement
Trove Title : A Knight of the Pavement
Common Name : Burgin, G. B. and Coll, Bennet
Trove Name : Burgin, G. B. and Coll, Bennet

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1IPERSEUS AND ANDROMEDA.Saturday151189837162387432
2IITHE SENIOR PARTNER-AT HOME.Saturday151189838162387435
3IIIAT TRENTIS LODGE.Saturday151189838162387434
4IVTHE HOUSE OF ABER[]FRAW.Saturday221189838162387779
5VJACK IS CONSCIENCE-STRICKEN.Saturday221189839162387761
6VIPLACING A CONTRACT.Saturday221189839162387762
7VIIHONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.Saturday291189838162388160
8VIIIAS HAROLD RYDER PROVES.Saturday291189838162388156
9IXMOTHER AND SON.Saturday291189838162388157
10XA CONFIDENTIAL CHAT.Saturday52189838162388403
11XIO MEMORY, OND MEMORY.Saturday52189838162388405
12XIIBBOUGHT TO BAY.Saturday122189838162389019
13XIIITHE DAILY NEWSPAPER.Saturday122189838162389022
14XIVMEDICAL OPINION.Saturday122189838162389016
15XVA DEVOUT LOVER.Saturday192189838162389214
16XVIAN EVENTFUL EVENING.Saturday192189838162389212
17XVIIAN INCIDENT IN THE WOOD.Saturday193189837162390620
18XVIIIA VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCES.Saturday262189838162389671
19XIXUNDER A CHANGING SKY.Saturday262189838162389672
20XXIFOR AND AGAINST.Saturday53189838162390005