Chapters in In Strange Company

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : In Strange Company
Trove Title : In Strange Company: A Story of Chili and the Southern Seas
Common Name : Boothby, Guy
Trove Name : Boothby, Guy

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12. IJODN RAMSAY TAKES UP THE TALE.Saturday2411189436161813040
23. IRAMSAY IS RELEASED FROM CUSTODY.Saturday1512189437161813927
33. VRAMSAY MEETS OLD FRIENDS.Saturday2912189438161814696
42. IIISACRED AND PROFANT LOVE,Saturday112189437161813252
51. ISHOWING WHERE THE MONEY REALLY CAME FROM.Saturday2710189437161811446
63. IIITHE ISLAND,Saturday2212189418161814270
72. VIAN UNEXPECTED VISITOR.Saturday812189437161813502
8IIA CHEQUERED CAREER.Saturday2411189436161813041
9IIA STRANGE NIGHTSaturday311189436161811937
10IIGAOL-BBEAKING EXTRAORDINARY.Saturday1512189438161813914
11IIIA STRANGER DAY.Saturday1011189437161812325
12IVRAMSAY BECOMES A SHIPOWNER.Saturday112189437161813258
14IVTHE ALDINO IS DISAPPOINTED.Saturday1011189438161811997
15VA CURIOUS QUEST.Saturday112189438161813256
16VTHE ESCAPE FROM CHILI.Saturday1011189438161811996
18VITHE ISLAND QUEEN.Saturday1711189436161812403
19VIIBATAVIA-A STRANGE MEETING.Saturday812189437161813501
20VIITHE MAN'S DEATH.Saturday1711189436161812404