Chapters in Paul and Christina

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : Paul and Christina
Trove Title : Paul and Christina
Common Name : Barr, Amelia E.
Trove Name : Barr, Amelia E.

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1ITHIS SPRING OF LOVE.Saturday39188744160764311
2IIPAUL THORSEN'S TEMPTATION.Saturday39188745160764436
3IIIA WILFUL WOMAN.Saturday39188745160764439
4IVTHE MINISTER SPEAKS. But there's a Fate in Kindness, Still to be least returned where most is given.Saturday109188744160766289
5VAT SORROW'S GATES.Saturday109188745160766292
6VIFOLDED CLOSE THE SHADOWS ABE.Saturday179188745160767872
7VIICHRISTINA TAKES HER OWN WAY.Saturday179188745160767871
8VIIILOVE'S PATIENCE.Saturday249188743160769318
9IXTHE HOME LEFT DESOLATE.Saturday249188744160769359
10XWHO SHALL HAVE THE CHILD.Saturday249188744160769362
11XIWELL WITH THE CHILD.Saturday110188744160763673
12XIITHE MINISTERS WIFE SPEAKS.Saturday110188745160763672
13XIIIFROM THE FURNACE, FINE GOLD.Saturday110188745160763671