Chapters in Frank Calvary; A Semi-Nautical Novel

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Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954)
Common Title : Frank Calvary; A Semi-Nautical Novel
Trove Title : Frank Calvary; A Semi-Nautical Novel
Common Name : Utting, J. J.
Trove Name : Utting, J. J.

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1ISir Henry Calvary and his Family.The Incident in the Bay of Naples.Sir Henry's refusal to allow GeorSaturday95188510139070797
2IVThe race and fight on the riverMagnanimity of the victorsBently's shabby revenge at nightFrank's conTuesday12518852139077090
3VCharacter of Frank's uncleHis marriage, and birth of a sonFalse representations to his fatherSir HenThursday14518852139077551
5XIIThe missing BentlyThe chaseFight between Frank and the bullyAwful disclosures to the DoctorMrs. SnugThursday21518852139068640
7XVIIHelenOur hero's arrval at homeHas some talk with h[] grandfatherHis sister objects to his node of rThursday28518852139073685
9XXIFrank goes down to the beachMeets his friend HarryHis messmatesThe 'Neptune' sets sail for the MeditTuesday2618856139075170
10XXIIIThe ExpeditionThe brigandsThe cat-o'-nine-tailsThe midshipmen quit the theatre for the wine shopThe Thursday4618857139068570
11XXIVFrank at last reaches the boatEnthusiasm of the menThey relieve the middies, and the whole of them sSaturday66188510139066224
12XXVIThe squallA narrow escapeChase by the brigEvasion in the darknessThe schooner falls in with the frigTuesday9618852139065320
13XXVIIIThe brig and schooner's lossesFrancois ChevrinAn account of the renegade EnglishmanThe Hawk's NestThThursday11618852139069539
15XXXThe storming of the fortIt's captureExamination of the islandThe private roomDifficulty of forcing tTuesday16618852139071543
17XXXIIMr. Bilboes in a frightInvitations to dine in the midshipmen's berthQualms of conscienceFinally thesSaturday206188510139075728
18XXXIIIHarry overboardOur hero saves his lifeOrders for sailing homewardsThe stormThe frigate is driven on Tuesday23618852139070058
19XXXIVThe infirmaryHarry's devotion to FrankOur hero's recoveryThe march into the interiorThe fortressSmalThursday25618852139076521