Chapters in Up the Murray

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The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946)
Common Title : Up the Murray
Trove Title : Up the Murray
Common Name : Cambridge, Ada
Trove Name : A. C.

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1IDOROTHY'S REVERIE.Saturday27318755143013491
2IIFACTS AND FANCIES.Saturday27318756143013493
3IIIA BUSH JOURNEY.Saturday10418755143013815
5VTHE NICK OF TIME.Saturday8518756143014526
6VIDOROTHY'S ADMIRERS.Saturday22518756143014889
7VIITHE SKELETON IN THE CUPBOABD.Saturday5618756143015222
8VIIITHE MARCH OF []ATE.Saturday5618756143015223
9IXCONFLICTING INTERESTS.Saturday19618756143015592
10XAN EVENTFUL EVENING.Saturday19618756143015594
11XIITHE STROKE OF FATE.Saturday3718756143015939
12XIIIAT THE GATE OF DEATH.Saturday17718756143016329