Chapters in Golden Gifts

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Kapunda Herald and Northern Intelligencer (SA : 1864 - 1878)
Common Title : Golden Gifts
Trove Title : Golden Gifts
Common Name : Franc, Maud Jeanne
Trove Name : Unattributed

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1II. Be mine the hut That from the mountain's side Views wilds and swelling floods.COLLINS.Friday24518674108263160
2IIPLAITS AND RESOLVES.Friday31518674108263166
3IIIPROGRESS. I would not enter on my list of friends The man that needlessly sets foot upon a worm.COWPFriday7618674108263191
4IVWINNIE. Rejoice, my little merry mate, The blithsome spring is coming, When thou shalt roam, with hFriday14618674108263207
5VNEAR NEIGHBOURS.Friday21618674108263227
6VITHE PEARL OF DAYS. Rest from the daily tumult of the world The daily round of dutiespeace and rest!Friday28618674108263250
7VIIBLACK VISITORS.Friday12718674108263301
8VIIIOFFENCE AND DEFENCE.Friday19718674108263314
9XDUKES AND DUCKS.Friday2818674108263355
10XIWINNIE'S FLIGHT. When the world is dark to thee, Then take to the light of home.Friday9818674108263391
11XIIWINNIE'S WELCOME. Some humble heart is sore and sick with grief, And straight thou comest with thy gFriday16818674108263400
12XIIITHE TONIC OF OCEAN BREEZES. As I stood on its margin, or roamed on its strand, I felt new ideas withFriday23818674108263426
13XIVMORE GOLDEN GIFTS FURBISHED UP. We heed not earthly powers, We heed not wind or weather; For, come wFriday6918674108263476
14XVWINNIR'S PROSPECTS. It is not meet that to the fragrant blossom The rugged briar should change; the Friday13918674108263493
15XVIMARTIN'S LECTURE. If man would but his finer nature learn, And not in life fantastic loso the sense Friday20918674108263512
16XVIITHURZA' INVASION.Friday27918674108263531
17XVIIIDOINGS AT ALAND CREEK.Friday111018674108263570
18XIXWORK OF ALL KINDS.Friday181018674108263591
19XXWINNIE'S PREPARATIONS.Friday251018674108263612
20XXIEDITH'S FRIENDSHIPS.Friday11118674108263635