Chapters in The Essingham Peerage

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Lithgow Mercury
Common Title : The Essingham Peerage
Trove Title : The Essingham Peerage
Common Name : Oakley, John
Trove Name : Oakley, John

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1I£5000 REWARDFriday80719212219253658
2II£500 REWARD.Tuesday21818774134886124
3XXIX£1,200 A YEAR ALIMONY. ON PAPER.Saturday68188729182628211
4IX[]ZIE HAS A FRIGHT.Friday1021895159340489
518.XXXVI[]VING THE SHADOW FOR THE SUBSTANCE.Saturday16031907266894432
6XXV[]UGH STANBURY SMOKESHIS PIPE.Saturday5618695137565301
7XII[]UET AND ASKRS. Applas of Sodom, crimo[] and sold Te[] to []ka brith to behold Wee to the sl[]Saturday15011881177152521
9XXII[]T PUTO, VESTIS FIO.Saturday2705189949538399
10XX[]S COUSIN.Tuesday4101887179730347
111. X[]RKILPHEDROIN AMBUSCADE.Saturday91018695138060560
12XVI[]RIOUS STORY AND A QUEER ADVENTURS.Friday12031897159436623
13I[]RANGE HOME-COMING.Thursday2981907565008360
14XVI[]QUEL TO TWO CALLS.Saturday1291914973895847
15XXII[]PRCTED, BUT GUILTLESS.Saturday13818988144639415
16XIV[]PER AT WYOMING.Friday22071898159431951
17XV[]OUNTS THE ADVENTURES OF WALTER GORDON.Saturday131018776143270861
18II[]OROTHY'S JEWELS.Saturday23011897177170924
19XXX[]NES []WLL HIS STORY.Thursday8318881146831195
20IV[]m[]'s New ConquestSaturday13021909276954505