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The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939)
Common Title : More about Misrule
Trove Title : More about Misrule
Common Name : Turner, Ethel
Trove Name : Turner, Ethel (Mrs H. R. Curlewis)

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1XXIIIOne More Letter. Call once more before you go, Call once you In a voice that she will knowYarrahappiSaturday279190268921804697
2XXIIMEG ON THE MOUNTAINSSaturday2009190263321804491
3XVIIIThe Story of the Savilles. Crying twice, O child, and thrice So that men's eyelids thickened with tSaturday69190252121804006
4XVFrom the Window. A little since and I was glad, and now I never shall be glad or []d again.Saturday308190246521627644
5XIIIHoliday! Holiday!Saturday238190240921627558
6XIIThe Heart of a Maid. Oat of the day and night A Joy has taken flight.Saturday1608190235321627113
7XRes Angustae.Saturday98190229721626858
8IXWhich Revolves Around a Bat.Saturday208190224121626610
9VIIRevelry by Night.Saturday267190218521626384
10VIA Little List.Saturday197190212921626118
11VA Bicycle Built for Two.Saturday120719027321625910
12IIIA Doctrine of Colour.Saturday50719021721625637
13IGoing to Meg's.Saturday28061902021625394