Chapters in The Old Detective's Pupil; or, The Mysterious Crime of Madison Square

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The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)
Common Title : The Old Detective's Pupil; or, The Mysterious Crime of Madison Square
Trove Title : A Long Chase
Common Name : Carter, Nick
Trove Name : Unattributed

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1XVIII"I WILL KILL YOU!"Saturday300418872018892339
2XVII"I WILL NEVER RETURN HOME."Saturday300418872018892338
3VIIIA BLOOD-CURDLING CRY.Saturday160418872018901182
4XLVIIIA CIPHER DIARY.Saturday11618872018890421
5XXA FEARFUL TEST.Saturday70518872018887194
6VA HOT PURSUIT.Saturday160418872018901165
7XIIIA NARROW ESCAPE.Saturday230418871918900552
8XIXA RECOGNITION.Saturday300418872018892340
9IVA REMARKABLE DISCOVERY.Saturday90418871318894305
10IXA SON'S OATH.Saturday230418871918900527
11XXIVA STRANGE VISITOR AT RALPH'S.Saturday7518872018887199
12XXVIIIA SUDDEN FLIGHT.Saturday140518872018890722
13XIIA THRILLING EXPERIENCE.Saturday230418871918900525
14XXIA. HOPELESS STRUGGLE.Saturday7518872018887195
15XLIIIAN UNEXPECTED MEETING.Saturday40618872018894126
16XIVARRANGING A COUNTERPLOT.Saturday230418872018900551
18XXVBETRAYED BY LOVESaturday140518872018890714
19XVBILLY MAKES A NEW FRIEND.Saturday300418872018892335
20IBRING BACK MY CHILD.Saturday90418871318894343