Chapters in Dolph Meldrun's Wooing

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The Australian Star
Common Title : Dolph Meldrun's Wooing
Trove Title : Dolph Meldrum's Wooing
Common Name : Hodge, E. Baldwin
Trove Name : Hodge, Mrs Baldwin

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
123XXVII "Come to Me," Said One, "And, Coming, Be At Rest." (out of sequence), then XXX Penalty PaidThursday20918972231809568
222- XXVIII, XXIX BanquetedWednesday10918972231820964
321- XXVI, then XXVIII The Parson Intervenes (XXVII published out of sequence)Tuesday310818972231800028
420-XXV, XXVI Lena Thinks She UnderstandsMonday300818972231816887
519-XXIV, XXV Hard TimesSaturday280818972231806569
618-XXIII, XXIV EffigyFriday270818972231820256
717-XXI, XXII Agnes! I am Ill, XXIII "Only Common Assault, Your Worship"Thursday260818972231818349
816XX A Marriage Made in Wooma, XXI The WeddingWednesday250818972231799735
915- XVIII, XIX SilenceTuesday240818972231812860
1014- XVII, XVIII My Children! Oh, My Children!Monday230818972231801762
1113XVII WoomaSaturday210818972231803911
1212- XV, XVI "The lie that divided unites us."Friday200818972231807565
1311- XIII, XIV Wedding Cards, XV Palmerston RevisitedThursday190818972231808480
1410- XII, XIII Dolph Gets a Promise From WillWednesday180818972231802781
159- XI, XII Nita's First BallTuesday170818972231810707
168X Dolph Engages a Housekeeper, XI Nita's FriendsMonday160818972231817195
177IX A Second HusbandSaturday140818972231807241
186- VIIIThursday29101903724836730
195- VI, VII Identification, VIII Sydenham Meets the WidowThursday120818972231815570
204- IV, V Sunday Afternoon, VI From the NewspaperWednesday110818972231807121