Chapters in The Mystery of Phillip Bennion's Death

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Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Common Title : The Mystery of Phillip Bennion's Death
Trove Title : The Mystery of Phillip Bennion's Death
Common Name : Marsh, Richard
Trove Name : Marsh, Richard

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1XIIIFace to Fac with the Medici Cub net.Saturday10118983171281766
2XIIThe Toxicologist's Report.Saturday10118983171281767
4VIIIIn Search of Richard Gent.Saturday41218973171280980
5XIXThe End.Saturday521898871282938
7XIVI Take a Walk.Saturday80118983171282013
8XVIn Articulo Mortis.Saturday8118983171282012
10IXNina Visits Me Again.Saturday111218973171281236
12IFound Dead.Saturday131118973171280282
13IIMr ClintonSaturday131118973171280280
14XVINot Ashamed.Saturday15011898871282174
16XWhat Ralph Hardwicke Had To Say.Saturday181218971371281297
17IVNina Pays Me a Visit.Saturday201118973171280459
18VI Visit Mr. Clinton.Saturday201118973171280461
19IIIThe Verdict.Saturday201118973171280472
20XVIIAn Artist in Murder.Saturday22011898871282425